Doerfler Masterbows: Workshop

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Your specialist for handmade masterbows.


The Dörfler Master Bow is a hand made top quality product. Precious and exquisite materials guarantee a long life span. Pernambuco wood is used predominantly; the only wood of which the flexibility and tension constantly fulfil the high quality standards of the Dörfler Master Bow production. It is a prerequisite for the masterly art of giving the bow, through exact bending, the greatest possible tension at the ideal weight.

The bow hair consists exclusively of natural white horse hair from selected steppe horses of Inner Asia. Hair which neither waves or becomes rotten. The elaborate mountings of mother of pearl and precious metals on the pore free ebony frog are valuable refinements, which lend the Dörfler Master Bows their relevant appearance and long lifetime.

1) The underslide is adjusted to the thickness of the stick. 2) The straight line of the stick is of great importance for the quality of a bow. 3) A steady curved stick has an enormous influence on the quality and characteristics of the bow. 4) Frog, head and stick have to be in a straight line. 5) An adequate thickness of the stick is essential for the characteristics of a bow. 6) Adjusting the head plate needs extraordinary craftsmanship and is most important for the aesthetics of the head. 7) Each bow is manufactured individually. 8) Tools of long standing for a highly esteemed craftsmanship. 9) Each bow is carefully manufactured and expert-proved. 10) The ideal curving of the bow guarantees the excellent characteristics of a first-rate bow. 11) Traditional techniques of craftsmanship, experience over many decades and artistical skills are the prerequisites for the uppermost quality.