Dörfler Bows inspire by a

stylish design

Dörfler Master Bows have a strong impact on the sound, purity, strength and beauty of the tone. A Dörfler Master Bow brings forth the best in every play. It is just magic when the musician skilfully plays a string using a Master Bow. The sound effect and smooth transitions are simply fascinating right through all levels of the tone.

Exceptional sound quality and a unique design are the trade mark of the Dörfler bows. In 2010, we optimized the design of the violin and cello bows. For example, we changed the curvature at the back of the violin head. This resulted in a new, very harmonic overall appearance of the brazil bow and the pernambuco bow. The violin head and the cello head now present themselves in a sleeker, more elegant and therefore more stylish design.

The high-quality and sonorous master bows made by Dörfler are known and recognized all over the world. In 2013, Dörfler won two prestigious awards at the China International Violin Making and Bow Making Competition (CIVMC) in Beijing. Dörfler master builder Günther Spätling received the gold medal in the cello bow making category, and the silver medal in the bass bow making category. The international jury of experts not only commended the handicraft work, quality and design of the individual bows. Professional musicians also tested the superb sound quality of the master bows. A significant acclaim for the family company from Bubenreuth in Germany!

Dörfler Viola bow in detail

The Dörfler viola bow is a technical masterpiece. Ideally suited to emphasize the quality of a viola as a harmonious middle voice in an orchestra. Take some time to look at every detail in our 360° view. Enjoy the fascination of our masterly viola bows!

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Dörfler Cello bow in detail

Being a string instrument, the cello covers the entire tenor-to-bass range. Choosing the right cello bow is imperative. Take a few minutes to look our award-winning cello bows in our 360° view. From the tip to the finely polished bow stick to the perfectly crafted frog you’ll see a hand-made superior product made by Dörfler.

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Dörfler Violin bow in detail

Many small details flow into creating perfection and the big picture. With our 360° view you’ll enjoy an enlightening tour through the quality craftsmanship behind the Dörfler violin bows: the elegant shimmer of the pernambuco stick; the artfully crafted frog; the hairing of the bow. Every one of our Dörfler Master Bows is unique. And when playing, it is designed to bring joy for many years. See for yourself!

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Dörfler Bass bow in detail

In Germany, the German bass bow is very popular. For the making of the German bass bow, we designed masterly special editions and implemented them at the highest level. The fine bow details and its elegant design will be a temptation for the eyes in our 360°view. For us, every bow is unique and never standard. See for yourself!

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