Untreated, seasoned pernambuco wood sticks

Planing the head with a plane

Drawing the bow head after a model

Cutting out of designed head shape using a jigsaw

Hair mortise of the frog to fit the hair

The hair is immersed in rosin.

The hair is fastened in the head using a plug.

Combing the hair when hairing the bow

Fastening the hair in the frog

Insert the slide when hairing the bow

Carving and planing the wood depending on weight and strength

Bending the stick

File down the neck to the required strength

Checking the strength of the stick with a calliper

Adjusting height and shape of the bow head

Adjusting the frog to fit the stick

Bending the entire stick



The Dörfler Master Bow is a hand-crafted top-quality product. Only the finest and exquisite materials are used to guarantee a long life cycle.

Pernambuco wood is used predominantly. It is the only wood which meets the high standards of flexibility and resilience required to manufacture a Dörfler Master Bow. And it is a prerequisite for the masterly art of giving the bow, through exact bending, the greatest possible tension and the ideal weight balance.

The bow hair consists exclusively of natural white horse hair from selected steppe horses of Central Asia. Hair which neither waves nor becomes rotten.
The elaborate mother-of-pearl and precious metal mountings on the non-porous ebony frog are valuable refinements which give the Dörfler Master Bow its typical appearance and a long life.