Frequently asked questions


How do I best take care of my Dörfler bow?
After use, regularly wipe your bow with a (damp) cloth. This will remove rosin residue. In addition, we recommend a special bow care treatment.
Which Dörfler model is best suited for me?
On our homepage, you’ll find a range of different Dörfler bows. There are models available suitable for every level from students and beginners to professional musicians. Simply contact us, and we will assist you when selecting your individual bow.
Where can I order a Dörfler bow?
Our Dörfler bows are available from many small and wholesale retailers throughout the world. They locally offer a range of bows. Your local retailer will assist you in finding the right bow for you.
Why is brazil and pernamboco wood so well suited for making string bows?
Brazil wood rests well-balanced in the hand and is therefore ideal for many musicians and young beginners. Pernambuco wood is very hard and dense and offers excellent elastomechanic properties. Therefore, this type of wood is the first choice in the highest-level bow making.
Where does the hair used for string bows come from?
The hair of a bow must be very hard-wearing. Not every (animal) hair is therefore suitable. In bow making, the tail hair from Mongolian horses are used as these offer the best properties.
What is the difference between a German and a French bass bow?
There is a difference in the German and the French way of playing. This results in a different bow position and bow making. The German bass bow is held in a low position, the French one in an upper position. French bass bows are generally shorter and weightier than German bows. In addition, the frogs are differently designed.
What is the difference between a round and an angular bow stick?
Whether round and flexible or angular and hard is often a question of personal practice and choice. The differences are minor.
Is there a warranty when buying a Dörfler string bow?
Every one of our Dörfler bows is a unique, one-of-a-kind product, and comes with an anticipated long life of use. In the event that you experience a problem we adhere to the law governing product warranty.
How can I securely despatch a string bow by mail when repair is needed?
In principle, it is important that the packaging protects the bow from bending and distortion, and to prevent the bow from breaking. A suitable single-bow case is ideal to secure a bow within. Upholster the single-bow case with bubble wrap and place it in a sufficiently large cardboard box. Another way is to wrap the bow in bubble wrap and place it in a plastic tube, preventing the bow from bending or breaking. If there is no suitable packaging available, we are happy to send you packaging material on request.


On which music fairs is Dörfler represented?
We begin the year in January with the NAMM show in Anaheim, California, USA. This is followed by the Frankfurt music fair in Germany in March/April. In May, you’ll find us at the Palm Expo in Beijing, China. In September, we exhibit at the Mondomusica in Cremona, Italy. Mid-October we present ourselves at our stand during the Music China in Shanghai, China.
What are the packaging details for a retailer?
In Europe, we despatch our bows with DPD (Dynamic Parcel Distribution). For the rest of the world, we mostly use FEDEX, UPS or TNT. They deliver at regular, competitive rates. As a rule, we always try and find the best possible way for our customer using couriers with the most competitive rates.
What are the delivery periods for retailers?
Currently, we are processing a large volume of orders. Processing an order will take between 6-8 weeks. Please consider this processing time when planning - thank you for your understanding!
As a retailer, how can I order string bows from Dörfler?
On our homepage, there are several ways given on how to order goods. "You can make use of all of them":/en/request